Liana M. Silva, PhD is a teacher, essayist, and editor and independent scholar located in Houston, Texas. She is currently the managing editor of Sounding Out! Once upon a time she was the editor of the newsletter Women in Higher Education. She obtained her PhD from the English department at SUNY Binghamton. Her dissertation, Acts of Home-making, is a study of how African-Americans and Puerto Ricans represent New York City as a home. She has written for the Inside Higher Ed blog University of Venus as well as  Chronicle Vitae . She regularly writes for Houston Chronicle’s Gray Matters. In the past she worked as a Graduate Writing Specialist at the University of Kansas Writing Center and as a graduate writing instructor at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center. Liana is currently working on a collection of personal essays about postcards, stemming from her geeky obsession with quirky postcards since she was 15. When she’s not talking about writing, tweeting, and thinking deep thoughts, she is busy defending pop culture on an intellectual level, recording her daughter’s adventures on her iPhone, and asking people where “home” is.